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I had the pleasure of working with Frank, a sales manager and friend. Frank introduced our company to the latest and greatest sales techniques including SDR, email marketing and prospect research. In six months, Frank transformed our sales and marketing approaches to the point where our internal sales manager could continue with the strategies. I highly recommend him if you need to get the job done.

James DeRosa

Founder of JDi

Frank is a sales genius! I hired Frank to help with lead management for my studios. In addition to making remote calls to our leads, Frank and his team trained my internal team to improve their sales capabilities. He pushed their thinking and helped them become better at generating leads and battling objections. Frank was instrumental in helping me create a "sales culture" at my studios. Frank also assisted me in establishing a virtual call center sales team.

Jacquie Fowler

Multi Franchise Owner at Orangetheory Fitness

Frank has a unique talent and ability to turn his attention in on a company and immediately see its greatest strengths as well as its biggest weakness. He is well versed in the art of CRM and understands its value to any business. He has an eye for spotting talent and can dig into a market to find its most qualified candidates and bring them on board in an efficient manner. I would recommend Frank as a consultant to any business trying to get to the next level.

James Kean

Owner of IronWood Fitness

Frank taught me many valuable sales skills and helped coach me through how to implement proper lead follow-up tactics over the course of a couple months. Since I began working with Frank, both my response rate for lead follow-up as well as my closing percentage for membership sales have increased dramatically. Even professionals with a strong sales background could learn from Frank - he genuinely cares about his clients and is always available to answer any questions I may have.

Marc Feder

Owner of Jay Feder Jewelers

Every time I work with Frank I get the same thing: amazing cutting-edge ideas, new technologies, and super high quality connections for my business. This man is a rare breed. Who else do you know that stays up all night visual mapping his connections to see how he can add more value to his network! I highly recommend Frank as a business partner or trainer.

Jeff Reekers

CMO at Aircall

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