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6 Reasons Why It Is Important to Hire Good Sales Representatives

6 Reasons Why It Is Important to Hire Good Sales Representatives

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A good sales representative is a crucial figure in many companies due to numerous reasons that include both the economic side of the business but also the company culture and atmosphere of growth.

Many successful companies and their CEOs have been openly discussing that their sales team is prosperous thanks to the great sales teams and sales representatives they have on board.

Therefore in our newest blog, we will tackle this long-held secret behind the success of many companies and point out five main reasons why it is important to hire a sales representative.

Let’s start!

Who is a Sales Representative?

Sales representatives are the main communicator in the sales team. It is his duty to present and inform prosperous customers about the benefits of the product/service you offer. They work with customers to understand their needs, create solutions, and ensure a smooth sales process.

While being the contact point between your product and customer, their main task is to present the service or product in the light that the customer will consider the most suitable for them.

This is mainly done by informing consumers and assisting them in the sale process. As visible, this requires excellent communication and intrapersonal skills. Besides sales, the representative’s task is to perform a cost-benefit analysis on customers, ensure great relationships and expedite the resolution of customer problems and complaints.

The sales representative also tackles essential tasks such as:

  • setting targets and outcomes
  • tracking and analyzing the market to draft reports
  • supplying management with all information collected on the field
  • keeping pace with developing trends and practices, and
  • seeking continuous development through feedback

Besides communication and intrapersonal skills, professionals in this line of work should also provide excellent knowledge in BRM and CRM practices, experience in traditional sales skills, and exquisite time management, prioritizing, and organizational skills. Lastly, they are expected to have the ability to deliver great presentations and customer service, together with exceptional skills in building relationships.

6 Reasons Why You Need Good Sales Representatives

There are numerous reasons why most successful companies hire good sales representatives. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the six most common ones that successful CEOs share.


One of the main, if not the main, reason why sales representatives are hired is that they bring substantial revenue. Therefore hiring a sales representative who understands your product, has good skills, and is passionate about your work is essential for your revenue. Clear communication of benefits, objections, and close prospects will outsell an entire group of people. Great salespeople will bring consistent revenue and add value to your company.


Due to their direct contact with the customers, sales representatives represent your company’s most prominent ambassadors. Therefore they can also be seen as an extension of the marketing department.

Even with a simple phone call, skilled representatives can do miracles and convince customers to become your clients. Great sales representatives who take care of their customers ensure all complaints are resolved on time and maintain contact so the customer feels valued. This, together with quality products, creates the impression of a professional and reliable company creating an excellent reputation for your company.

The conclusion can be drawn that how good your representative, who is the face of your company to the customers most of the time, your reputation will be equally good.


Keeping in mind that sales representatives are the face of your company to the customers, it is their vast responsibility to build and maintain relationships. It is often regarded that sales teams generate more revenue through better client relations.

One of the reasons behind this is that developing relationships help you cultivate that type of loyalty and association with positive emotions. In this manner, you grow a strong base for your sales and overall presentation of your company and the products/services you offer.

If sales representatives understand their role and have skills for rapport and follow-up, your company will make more from established relationships. This is especially true compared to the churn-and-burn style of a mass sales team spamming system.

Fresh Perspective

Besides the immense impact on the outside perspective of your company, mainly on the customers, another reason it is essential to hire a good sales representative is its impact on the company within itself.

From this perspective, it is essential to note that hiring from the same, like-minded group of people will bring the same results. Therefore if you want to grow, expand your business, improve your customer-company relationship and eventually have bigger revenues, hiring good sales representatives and bringing a new face can help you resolve issues.

A new perspective on old problems is often the best solution; therefore, many companies opt to hire sales representatives. They can help save money, optimize the entire team’s performance and help reach new customers.


One of the reasons companies want to hire salespeople within their industry is to find someone with industry knowledge. While this may help decrease training and ramp up time, in the beginning, it does not mean the sales rep is a top performer. Hiring sales reps with high revenue achievement and track records of success are better predictors of future sales success than technical knowledge.


Last but not least, the revenue base of your business is built on the sales staff you start with. Attempting to scale while routinely replacing your sales staff can harm client and customer relationships, result in missed opportunities, and undermine a company’s culture.

Start your startup with highly qualified resources. All newly hired salesmen will be expected to uphold this level going forward. Your original sales hires should act as mentors for any subsequent hires. To ensure that you already have a successful sales process when you start to scale, initially entrust your product to skilled salespeople.

Tip From the Social Expert

A good sales team relies on qualified and skilled sales representatives who are your company’s face. Your clients meet them in the sales process; therefore, having a transformative, motivated sales team is necessary for your successful business.

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