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Sales Isn't Just a Numbers Game, It's a Quality Game with Frank Bastone

Sales Is a Numbers and Quality Game

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They say that sales are just a numbers game, but if you want to really step your sales up, you will have to invest a bit more time into interaction with your customers.

Is the Sale Really Just a Numbers Game?

To be sure you have everything that the customer and you need to know covered, you need to invest time into developing a relationship with potential buyers, which can significantly increase your sales. 

But all of this takes time and effort, and can not be done in a few minutes of conversation. That means that some of your calls are going to last longer, but the invested time will prove itself to be useful because the quality of your interaction with the potential customer is what makes a sale. 

Frank’s Word on the Matter

Frank Bastone shared a few words of his own experience about making long, quality calls. 

“I have a great relationship with my team and it is very important to have good chemistry within the team. I always say this, in leadership and in sales. One of the Vice Presidents would come in and he would say: “Guys, it’s about smiling and dialing!” I can’t stand that term, it makes me sick. “It’s about smiling and dialing, just get the numbers in.”

And what I had my guys do is do some call research and what I also do in my practice is intelligent calls. We have a script that we follow, we have a research, you know, a methodology where we are speaking to someone, adding value and those calls take a little bit longer but they’re much more quality calls. 

They used to come in and say: “This is bullshit, they are only on 40 calls and, you know, they should be on 85 calls”. And I told them: “My calls are four times more effective than the stuff that makes you pedal in.” 

When people get hired today at a new firm, and I speak to its founder, it’s just about the number, you know, numbers, numbers, the sale is just about the numbers game – it isn’t! It’s a numbers game but it’s about the quality game too. And people get away from that, sales is a numbers game and I want my guys to do a lot of calls. What’s the quality of those calls? 

I always tell people yes it is a numbers game, but if it’s not a sales and quality game, you’re missing a lot.”

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