I had the pleasure of working with Frank, a sales manager and friend. Frank introduced our company to the latest and greatest sales techniques including SDR, email marketing and prospect research. In six months, Frank transformed our sales and marketing approaches to the point where our internal sales manager could continue with the strategies. I highly recommend him if you need to get the job done.
Frank Bastone is true professional. He brings executive-level and practical thinking to every conversation, always sees opportunity over challenges, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. I look forward to many more years and successful partnerships together.
Frank is a sales genius! I hired Frank to help with lead management for my studios. In addition to making remote calls to our leads, Frank and his team trained my internal team to improve their sales capabilities. He pushed their thinking and helped them become better at generating leads and battling objections. Frank was instrumental in helping me create a "sales culture" at my studios. Frank also assisted me in establishing a virtual call center sales team. He guided me through the recruitment process and spent time with my new team sharing best practices and tips for maximizing lead conversion. If your sales efforts aren't driving the results you need, Frank is your guy! He can quickly diagnose the situation and make practical recommendations that drive real change and, more importantly, RESULTS.
I am into marketing and business for almost twenty years and Frank taught me some priceless tricks I will keep forever!
Frank is a true expert sales coach. Over the past few months, he has provided me with extremely valuable tools and techniques to get me to the next level in my career. He is easy to approach and challenges me to better myself by providing honest and constructive feedback. He is the perfect coach if you are looking for someone that genuinely cares about your success and personal goals.
Frank trained our team in sales and marketing for the past 9 months. I must add that most of these 9 months were during Covid-19. He is an amazing sales trainer and his training was super helpful in getting our team up to speed. He is very knowledgeable in the fitness industry and I highly recommend him to anyone who has a sales team.
After working with another business coach for almost a year, I was fortunate enough to find Frank. I checked his references from others and his reviews were stellar. Needless to say, because of Franks coaching my sales conversions have increased significantly, around 15%. This was done because he was able to take a platform that had become overly complex and help me make it my own. Additionally, Frank's style keeps the individual in mind. Previously, I was (maybe) "pushing" the close at the table. Because of follow up techniques and referral techniques that I have implemented, IronWood Fitness is positioned to nearly double its revenue in 2020 from 2019. I will continue to work with Frank as a business coach and seek his guidance and services.
Frank has a unique talent and ability to turn his attention in on a company and immediately see its greatest strengths as well as its biggest weakness. He is well versed in the art of CRM and understands its value to any business. He has an eye for spotting talent and can dig into a market to find its most qualified candidates and bring them on board in an efficient manner. I would recommend Frank as a consultant to any business trying to get to the next level.
Frank taught me many valuable sales skills and helped coach me through how to implement proper lead follow-up tactics over the course of a couple months. Since I began working with Frank, both my response rate for lead follow-up as well as my closing percentage for membership sales have increased dramatically. Even professionals with a strong sales background could learn from Frank - he genuinely cares about his clients and is always available to answer any questions I may have.
I hired Frank to help grow my business through sales and marketing. He brought new ideas, processes, and systems which helped me organize and develop my sales team. Frank is extremely efficient and his marketing strategies are innovative and well planned. Frank would be an asset to any organization.
Most professionals would agree that our past experiences and lessons are vital in influencing the decisions we make today. As such, one hopes to have the opportunity to learn from people of the highest caliber and to be able to analyze how that person may handle a certain situation. I commonly leverage such experiences, and in nearly every business decision I make, I consider the potential thoughts of Frank Bastone. Frank has an uncanny ability to see opportunity and talent where others may not. He motivates and inspires people, largely as a result of his ability to extract the absolute best results from them. This causes the people that work for and with Frank to have the rewarding experience of achieving at their highest level, and it is at the root of what makes Frank such a great motivator. He leads people to achieve above what they thought possible. Being one such employee (though I may think of myself as "student" as well) of Frank's while he was COO of Lawline.com, I saw a business that grew substantially through his direction. In addition, he allowed me to see the potential that lied deeper within myself. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for him. Frank is a leader of organizations, teams, and people. I fully recommend him for any company looking to maximize the leadership, talent, and growth within their organization.
Every time I work with Frank I get the same thing: amazing cutting-edge ideas, new technologies, and super high quality connections for my business. This man is a rare breed. Who else do you know that stays up all night visual mapping his connections to see how he can add more value to his network! I highly recommend Frank as a business partner or trainer.
Frank running this club has created an enormous change in our companies productivity. Before Frank consulted for us I was frustrated with the lack of cooperation among our 8 departments. Many of our departments directors struggled as there was nobody offering professional hands on businesses coaching and consistent accountability. When he came on board, many of us were a little resistant to some changes but it was a tough conversation that changed everything for me personally. This man is absolutely purpose driven and the majority of his time is dominated by revenue goals and productivity. He has highly motivated me and has added new life into this club and it has been a long time since we had some true genuine leadership and set some massive goals. He took my department and within a month lead us to an extra 10K that I did not know we were capable of producing. For the entire company ... He, as a whole, within a month added another 25K, and that, i must add, was in August ... a month historically low in the fitness industry. This man is truly a mastermind that will push you to your very limits. Not to mention a relentless reader which i highly value.
Frank is one of the most charismatic salesmen I have ever had the pleasure of working with. During his tenure at NYHRC, I have seen Frank destroy goals and set company records for most new corporate business. His ability to connect with clients and meet their needs is unmatched. He also exhibited great team building as he had an assistant that worked under him and had to recruit others when meeting with potential clients, to show services offered by our organization. Anyone that has Frank on their team is in for a motiviating and energizing team member!
Frank had called me in to help start a sales division at Lawine.com from the ground up. Starting anything from the ground up can be challenging and most of all risky. Frank trusted in my abilities and guided me and others through the whole process of building a team, teaching us leadership, accountability, and always demanding better from each of us. That in itself, goes a long long way.
Frank is one of those people you rarely come across. Passionate, Determined, Smart and Business Savvy. I had the pleasure of working with him and he provided not only clear direction and focus but showed me effective strategies to implement towards my goals. Its hard to come across people who you really know that not only talk the talk but implement action, which is the biggest thing I have taken from working with Frank. To see someone aspire for something bigger than you can possibly understand is really motivational.
Frank is phenomenal! I had the pleasure of working with Frank when I first became a Membership Aadvisor at DavidBartonGym. He worked with me one on one, providing me with a solid foundation in creating relationships, facilitating outreach with local businesses, and closing sales. Most importantly, he showed me how to strategize and have an effective game plan for each day. Working with Frank was a great opportunity.
Most sales managers give you goals and walk away, then come back and yell at you if you don’t meet their expectations. Frank is not a manager but a leader. In my time working for him he always “walked the walk” and worked with me to hit our goals. When someone you work with can inspire you to do better and show you how to hit your goals it changes the way you see your job. Anyone would be lucky to have Frank as a leader.
I remember meeting Frank years ago in New York City. He was my inspiration to get into sales. He was so passionate about business and made me see that no other industry offers an unlimited potential for success. Frank is an incredibly talented businessman. His energy and passion for sales inspired me to pursue my own dreams, and I have been able to almost double my quota in all my sales jobs remembering his tips. I recommend Frank for any business that truly wants to get ahead of the competition.