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What Qualities to Look for in a Sales Person?

What Qualities to Look for in a Sales Person?

Table of Contents

When hiring a sales person, it is important to keep in mind what are some of the skills, assets, and attributes that can really make a difference.

These are not crucial, but they can play an important role if it comes to any issues or holdbacks. They make things easier for people who possess them, as well as for everyone else involved. 

Attitude, Positivity, Optimism

Frank: “Attitude, positivity, optimism, those things are huge. If you’re able to take positive of any outcome, because we deal with a lot of rejection in sales, and there is a lot of salespeople, especially in this market, right now, with the changes that have happened with Covid, that are out of work. There are a lot of salespeople that are really strong, they are called farmers and hunters, you know, people with stronger customer service. 

But there’s a lot of salespeople out there who have great sales resumes and can do great sales speak, but when it comes down, they’re not a hunter. And a lot of young companies need hunters and their energy, their enthusiasm, and the way they look at life. It is a little bit different.”

What Questions to Ask

Frank also added a few words about the importance of asking the right questions:

“What I try to do is help companies not fall into the trap of seeing a great resume, meeting somebody, and liking them but not asking them some deeper questions and having some more processes.

And one of the things I do is even get people the Sales Assessment Test which is a pretty interesting tool that you bring in. But, you know, a lot of times, if you identify this killer instinct with this optimism and this excitement for life and being able to take a bunch of rejections, there are times you get rejected every single day, and to say I learned something or this person is gonna think of me or whatever, I think those are the top things I think about when I think of a great salesperson.”

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