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With Great Discovery You Can Close Organically

With Great Discovery You Can Close Organically

Table of Contents

When finding a good salesperson, one that will really help your business sell your product without losing the spark and enthusiasm, it is crucial to ask questions that will help you predict future behavior. Good assessment of skills and potentials a person has will be extremely useful and productive if you decide to do business with them. 

Asking the Great Question

Frank Bastone and Ronnell Richards are sharing some of their opinions and experiences with demos and pre-demo preparation. 

A Word from Frank Bastone

“I talk a lot about a lazy discovery. Pre-call research is so important, pre-demo research is so important. When I watch the demo, these people are asking questions that are stupid questions because they could’ve figured this stuff out before they asked. But when you come to a demo, and you’ve done your real homework and you’ve dug deep and you understood at a baseline where they are, then you can ask deeper questions, you can get right into the real stuff. 

I see so many demos for 20 minutes asking stupid questions that are all available online, and they can figure it out. So why would they be asking questions that are easily understandable and easily searchable and wasting someone’s time, when you can come in and say: “I know this, this and this about you, and now from this, this is the deep question I have.” I think people spend too much time discovering things they don’t need to spend time on.”

A Word from Ronnell Richards

“My answer to the question is: when we do this great discovery we are all talking about right here, it creates, it allows you to close organically, because when you do this great discovery, here’s what their prospects do: they tell you everything you need to know. 

They’re not only going to give you the ingredients, they will tell you the receipt to close them, so you just bring that to them. You throw that back at them in a solution.”

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